Greek books

by Juan José Marcos
Professor of classical languages.
Plasencia. Spain. January 2024.

   Those readers interested in reading a true treatise on Greek Paleography can find useful my book entitled "PALEOGRAFÍA GRIEGA: Manual ilustrado" (in Spanish), 550 pages containing more than 100 images of Greek manuscripts from the 4th century B.C. until the 16th A.D., published by KDP AMAZON, December 2018.


   Illustrated Manual of Greek Paleography” follows the history and development of Greek handwriting and their role in the history of the manuscript book and civilization.
   The book explores every major development in the design of Greek lettering and includes some lesser-known types. The material is divided into sections by historical period for easy reference.
   The text of the book provides an excellent historical background to the study of Greek alphabet.

Illustrated Manual of Greek Paleography" stands a step above other books on the history of Greek handwriting because of the number of its reproductions -some of them extremely rare- and its straightforward and clear exposition.
   This work, profusely illustrated, not only addresses the Hellenic scholar, but also the modern writer, typographer, historian, graphic designer, printer, publisher and font developer.



    Click on the following link to view online or right-click on the link and choose in the popup-menu the option Save target as to download a PDF document (260 pages, 11 MB) which contains wide excerpts of the book.  This is a large file; therefore, please be patient!


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   The author of Illustrated manual of GREEK PALEOGRAPHY is Juan-José Marcos García born in Salamanca (Spain) in 1963. He has a degree in Classical Philology and  Linguistics (PhD), University of Salamanca (1981-1986), and is professor of classical languages. He is currently teaching Latin and ancient Greek in Plasencia (Cáceres, Spain).
   Juan-José Marcos is a font developer too. He has created the ALPHABETUM Unicode font for ancient scripts and other digital typefaces for Latin and Greek palaeography

If you have queries, suggestions, comments or doubts, please send emails to:
Juan-José Marcos
Plasencia (Cáceres) Spain.

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